We need to implement REAL CHANGE to Healthcare!

It is time to rework Obamacare, and fix our broken medical system!

We need common sense being applied in Government.   As a long term successful business man, I have the experience to bring real solutions to the table.

  • It is almost hard to believe that there tens of millions of people in this Country that do not have healthcare, and cannot see a Doctor or a Dentist when they need one.   With our GDP, this is simple unacceptable.
  • No one should ever be forced to choose between putting food on their table and paying medical bills. I would support legislation that would maximize access to healthcare for everyone, improve outcome, and minimize cost..

Rocky will fight for our common values, and UNITE US with legislation that MAKES SENSE!  Together, we can fix this broken system.    

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Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente is running for senate 2018. Add your name below and join now. It’s time to choose someone who represents you and fight for our community’s needs in Washington D.C, someone that works for you and with you. Together we are stronger! Join now.

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